It’s Dinner and a Movie, the Indian Way!

You’re invited to a party where the food and entertainment are both in Technicolor.

Indian cuisine and Indian cinema share a lot in common – bold colors and flavors with plenty of drama. But to the uninitiated, they can seem dizzying. Let me be your guide, taking you on a tour of my authentic, home-cooked recipes and all-time favorite Bollywood films.

I know that so many of you love Indian food, but the truth is – you’ve never tasted real Indian food. The food that I grew up eating has very little in common with your local, greasy takeout joint (i.e., you’ll never find chicken tikka masala in my house). Home-cooked Indian-American food is healthy, delicious, and surprisingly simple to make, using ingredients readily available in your local grocery store. In this book, I’ll share with you authentic dishes based on my mom’s recipes and updated for my modern, American kitchen. And, of course, there are tons of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Along with each meal, I’m pairing one of my favorite contemporary Bollywood movies (which you can stream online). Every one of these films is a musical, packed with dazzling song-and-dance numbers. I’ll introduce each film to you, explaining why you’ll love it, and letting you in on some juicy morsels from behind the scenes.

Bollywood Kitchen is as much a beautiful coffee table book as it is a cookbook, filled with gorgeous film photographs and colorful tablescapes. It’s a unique treasure for Indian food lovers, as well as fans of world cinema.

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