TV is my passion and my obsession.

I wrote my first script when I was five years old. It was an adaptation of “The Tortoise & The Hare” which I produced and directed for my kindergarten class (voluntarily, like the toddler auteur that I was). Since that moment, my dream has been singular and focused – to go from the bright lights of Upper Allen Elementary to television screens across the country.

I love TV. All kinds of TV. From high-brow cable dramas to network family comedies to trashy reality soaps. There’s something about the intimacy and immediacy of television – the way we invite characters into our homes and grow alongside them for years – that’s unlike the power of any other medium.

I’m fortunate to have made a career as a successful television screenwriter. For more than a decade, I’ve created and sold projects in both comedy and drama to many major networks. I tell stories about relatable people, sometimes in heightened situations, but always punctuated with simple, poignant emotions and a lot of heart. Over the years, my work has evolved as I’ve used writing to explore issues in my own life concerning identity, mortality, ethnicity, and family.

And to think – it all started with a turtle and a rabbit.

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White House Affairs


Behind-the-scenes drama about the cooks, maids, butlers and staff who run the White House, and the famous First Family they serve

The Black Widow


Sexy thriller about a mysterious socialite suspected for murdering her husband, and the married journalist she lures into her web


S.O.B. (Son-of-the-Boss)


Family comedy about a liberal, free-spirited single mom who hires her teenage, Young Republican son to work for her
(developed with Kelly Ripa)




Ensemble drama about the personal and professional lives of a group of 20somethings who represent our country at the United Nations

BBC America



Provocative drama about a hotshot Manhattan physician and his reluctant seduction into the underground world of physician-assisted suicide


I Am Not Myself These Days


Musical dramedy about a thrill-seeking Wall Street playboy who embarks on a secret double life as a drag queen
(developed with Darren Star)


What Goes On


Intimate coming-of-age drama about five disparate teenagers growing up in a suburban neighborhood


General Hospital: Night Shift


Primetime spinoff of the legendary soap opera about the relationships among a hosptal’s staff and patients

Universal Television



Period drama set in medieval India about a community of beautiful temple courtesans caught between the kings and priests who love them
(developed with director Shekhar Kapur)

The CW

Bollywood Spy


Action-filled musical comedy about an ordinary young woman who gets recruited by the CIA to go undercover in India, posing as a Bollywood backup dancer
(developed with Ryan Seacrest)